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Concern/Watch and Alert Sites 

Each radiation monitoring site has an RBL value set by software, which is the Radiation Background Level.  RADCON-1 = R.B.L., RADCON-2 = Rising, RADCON-3 = Elevated, RADCON-4 = Concern/Watch, RADCON-5 = RAM email sent.   When the level exceeds the RADCON-4 Concern/Watch level on the chart, other conditions must be met to trigger a RADCON-5 RAM (Radiation Alert Message) email or text message to your phone.  Our software uses statistical analyses to generate these alerts.  

Do Not Panic, always check with other reliable sources. Please read the disclaimer below **

RADCON-5 RAM email sent

A Alert Site - Alert conditions met, Reliable, Active and In your local area.   RAM Radiation Alert Message email sent to clients to inform them that the radiation level has increased passed their highest level in a quarter of a year,  Be careful !
List of RADCON-5 sites:

RADCON-4 Concern/Watch

G Good  Site -  Reliable but Alert condition not met
U Unreliable   Site -  Unreliable site, not enough data points, and alert condition not met
I Inactive  Site -  Reach RADCON-4 but went inactive - no more data
List of RADCON-4 sites:
5:108 near Boston, MA, US3462018-11-20 22:51:00U
5:118 near Bangor, ME, US2182018-11-20 23:18:00U
4:204 near New York City, NY, US712018-11-20 22:38:00U
4:302 near Washington, D. C., DC, US422018-11-20 23:03:00U
5:304 near Virginia Beach, VA, US2132018-11-20 23:19:00U
4:311 near Philadelphia, PA, US522018-11-20 13:18:00U
4:401 near Jacksonville, FL, US532018-11-20 23:15:00U
4:534 near Champaign, IL, US1052018-11-20 22:26:00U
4:604 near Aberdeen, SD, US1202018-11-20 23:25:00U
5:635 near Carlsbad, NM, US2072018-11-20 22:52:00U
4:724 near Kearney, NE, US1202018-11-20 22:58:00U
5:904 near Los Angeles, CA, US2752018-11-20 23:25:00U
5:907 near Portland, OR, US2222018-11-20 22:53:00U
5:908 near Seattle, WA, US1252018-11-20 23:12:00U
5:913 near Las Vegas, NV, US1882018-11-20 23:04:00U
5:914 near San Francisco, CA, US2422018-11-20 23:25:00U
4:916 near San Jose, CA, US512018-11-20 22:48:00U
5:916 near San Jose, CA, US2742018-11-20 22:48:00U
5:918 near Sacramento, CA, US2052018-11-20 23:09:00U
5:923 near Bakersfield, CA, US5442018-11-20 14:01:00U
5:936 near Anaheim, CA, US2802018-11-20 22:55:00U
5:937 near San Bernardino, CA, US3932018-11-20 23:15:00U
4:948 near Yuma, AZ, US952018-11-20 23:27:00U
4:949 near Richland, WA, US752018-11-20 23:20:00U
5:949 near Richland, WA, US3942018-11-20 23:20:00U
5:955 near Eureka, CA, US2442018-11-20 22:57:00U
4:956 near Phoenix, AZ, US932018-11-20 23:05:00U
5:957 near Corvallis, OR, US2742018-11-20 22:50:00U

Click here for List of Inactive EPA Stations

**  Disclaimer:

Some radiation monitoring sites are maintained by the government and other are privately owned. In either case the reading may not be accurate. Our software uses statistical analyses to generate these alerts. CPM (counts per minute) is modified by our software to reduce false radiation alert messages.

Do Not PANIC. It could be software failure or bad equipment. Always check with a second source like the news stations or the government before making any decisions about this alert.